The Future of Co-Living: User-Centric Design Approach in OOOtopia

OOOtopia, a pioneering co-living initiative by Groundwork, embodies the Total Design philosophy to redefine urban living through immersive experiences and community-centric spaces. Spanning three distinct neighbourhoods—Kai Tak, Anchor Street, and the West—each location caters to diverse urban needs, blending functionality, affordability, and sustainability.

Embrace community at OOOtopia’s vibrant communal spaces, where every corner invites connection and creativity.

Groundwork’s mission with OOOtopia goes beyond providing accommodation; it aims to create living environments that prioritise residents’ well-being and connectivity. By focusing on user-centric design, OOOtopia enhances the quality of life through thoughtful architecture and amenities. This commitment reflects Groundwork’s dedication to fostering vibrant communities where individuals can thrive, interact meaningfully, and feel a sense of belonging in Hong Kong’s dynamic urban landscape.

OOO-space @ Kai Tak

Design and Ambiance

At Kai Tak, OOO-space embodies a design philosophy that nurtures community through interactions and connections. The floor-to-ceiling windows in these communal spaces open up the façade, inviting natural light and providing panoramic neighbourhood views. This design seamlessly blends traditional Hong Kong elements with modern aesthetics, creating a welcoming atmosphere that fosters openness and connectivity among residents. OOO-space encourages social engagement within a vibrant and inclusive environment by offering a glimpse into indigenous Hong Kong culture.

Privacy and Interaction

OOOtopia User Experience

All basic needs are fulfilled in one private room, ensuring all interactions are voluntary and meaningful in OOOtopia, Kai Tak.

The private rooms at Kai Tak are crafted to strike a delicate balance between privacy and interaction. Each room is designed to accommodate all essential needs while allowing residents to choose the extent of their engagement with their community.  This design philosophy respects residents’ need for personal space, providing a sanctuary for relaxation and downtime. Additionally,  the layout promotes organic social interactions in shared areas, contributing to a harmonious living experience where residents can enjoy solitude or communal engagement as they desire. This dual approach enhances the overall quality of life at Kai Tak, catering to diverse preferences and fostering a sense of community among its residents.

Daily Living and Amenities

OOOtopia User ExperienceKai Tak is not just a place to live but a community to be a part of. It offers a range of amenities tailored to enhance daily living for residents. From well-equipped shared kitchens and convenient laundry facilities to comfortable lounges and productive workspaces, every feature is curated to improve the user experience.  Beyond their practical functionality, these communal spaces serve as hubs for socialisation and community building, enriching the overall residential experience at OOOtopia. The thoughtful integration of amenities encourages residents to connect with one another and fosters a sense of belonging, enhancing their quality of life in this dynamic urban environment.

TEA-rOOOm @ Anchor Street

Spatial Design

OOOtopia User ExperienceLoft beds create elevated sleeping areas, optimising room functionality and style in OOOtopia, Anchor Street.

At Anchor Street, the TEA-rOOOm exemplifies Groundwork’s innovative spatial design principles tailored for compact living areas. Despite an area of only 10 square metres, the room maximises vertical space to create a functional and comfortable living environment. Loft spaces with elevated beds separate sleeping areas from areas designated for working and living spaces, optimising the room’s layout to accommodate diverse activities seamlessly.

Serenity and Connection

The TEA-rOOOm at Anchor Street provides a serene retreat amidst the bustling city, providing residents with a peaceful sanctuary.  This zen-like “treehouse” incorporates Japanese-inspired design elements such as wood slats and tatami mats. These features enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal and establish a tranquil ambiance to relax and recharge. Despite being nestled in a vibrant urban setting, the TEA-rOOOm maintains a subtle connection to the lively street below, striking a harmonious balance between seclusion and engagement with the surrounding environment.

Personal Growth and Community

Beyond offering a serene escape, the TEA-rOOOm at Anchor Street plays a pivotal role in fostering personal growth and community interaction. The serene environment and the compact yet functional living spaces create an environment conducive to residents’ personal and professional endeavours. This layout and range of amenities encourage residents to connect, collaborate on shared interests, and grow together as a community. User testimonials highlight the positive impact of these intentional design choices on their daily lives, showcasing the effectiveness of Groundwork’s approach in enhancing both individual well-being and collective harmony at OOOtopia – Anchor Street.

OOO-BAR @ The West

Flexibility and Adaptability

The West is characterised by its flexible and adaptable living spaces tailored to meet the diverse needs of young professionals. Features like transformable furniture, including beds that convert into sofas and tables and chairs that can be hidden in walls, allow residents to effortlessly reconfigure their living areas to suit different activities throughout the day. This adaptability ensures the spaces can serve multiple functions, enhancing the overall user experience.

Versatility in Daily Activities

OOOtopia User ExperienceTransformability of space for different times of a day and stages of life is our primary concern in Oootopia West.

The multifunctional nature of the living spaces in the West promotes a dynamic lifestyle suited to modern urban living. Residents can seamlessly transition from morning breakfast time to daytime yoga sessions and evening socialising within the same space. This versatility not only maximises the use of available space but also fosters a flexible environment that supports residents’ active lifestyles and varied daily routines.

Community Engagement

Beyond functionality, the OOO-BAR at the West offers two distinct atmospheres within a pencil tower site. The bar, designed with mirrors to create an illusion of spaciousness, fosters a harmonious connection between the residents, the building, and the vibrant Sai Wan neighbourhood community. The upstairs terrace features a warmer wood and tile tone, creating an inviting and intimate setting for social interaction. These design elements enhance community cohesion and cultivate a strong sense of belonging among residents, fostering a supportive and inclusive living environment at OOOtopia’s The West.

Enriching Resident’s Lives through User- Centric Design 

OOOtopia stands out not only for its Total Design philosophy but also for its profound emphasis on user-centric design in shaping modern urban living. Groundwork’s ongoing dedication to innovation ensures that OOOtopia continues to lead in creating spaces that are not just functional and sustainable but also enriching and supporting community life. As cities evolve, OOOtopia remains committed to discover how thoughtful design can elevate urban environments and cultivate a strong sense of belonging among its residents. It also offers unique living experiences catering to diverse lifestyles and promoting personal fulfilment.