Manfred Yuen, BAAS(HONS)(HKU), DipArch(Cantab), RIBA
Groundwork Founder | Architect

Manfred is the founder of Groundwork  Architecture + Urbanism London in 2007 and Groundwork Architects + Associates Hong Kong in 2010.   Manfred is also a visiting lecturer at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design and Hong Kong University SPACE architecture program: teaching architecture design and history.

Prior to founding Groundwork, Manfred has received his architectural training from the University of Cambridge and the University of Hong Kong (with First Class Honour), and had worked with Coop-Himmelb(l)au, where he was responsible for construction projects in China.

Manfred has founded Groundwork so that it may be a platform to study how architecture, arts and the poetic of the city may be synthesized. Groundwork is keen on serving the public, thus, apart from instigating various public work initiatives, Manfred is serving as the honorable advisers for various organizations such as Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Oxfam International, Scout Association and HK Society of Education of Arts. Some of his notable awards include the “40-under-40 – Design Talents/Asia” (2011) and ” The Next Generation Architects, Backstage Architecture, Italy” (2010). Manfred is also the recipient of the Spirit of Hong Kong 2013 Award, an award that celebrates the achievements of remarkable Hong Kong people who make our city a better place. Groundwork is realizing their arts of architecture globally: Groundwork have built and exhibited their works in Venice, London, Beijing, Taiwan and recently, Singapore.

阮文韜, BAAS(HONS)(HKU), DipArch(Cantab), RIBA
元新 GROUNDWORK 創辦人 |  建築師

  • 理工大學設計學院講師 – 香港大學專業進修學院建築系講師
  • 畢業於劍橋大學建築系, 香港大學建築系(一級榮譽)
  • 2008- 2010 任奧地利籃天組 Coop-Himmelb(l)au 駐中國項目統籌
  • 2007 -2008 任英國倫敦京斯敦大學建築系講師
  • 2014 年入編《亞洲華人領袖名錄》
  • 2014 年獲《香港傑出義職人士獎》, 南華報業集團《CEO OF THE YEAR 獎》
  • 2013 年獲《香港精神獎》
  • 2011年度亞洲40位40歲以下領先的設計師之一(建築及室內設計)
  • 2010 年獲《世界建筑—下一代的建筑大師》,作為45位40歲以下特色世界建築師之一
  • 2001年獲美國建築師學會學術獎及英國皇家建築師學會銅獎提名
  • 2007 年在倫敦成立GROUNDWORK (元新建城)
  • 2010年在 香港成立元新建城 | 建築及城市設計有限公司 GROUNDWORK ARCHITECTURE + URBANISM  LTD.
    作品展覽及建築項目分佈在倫敦,意大利, 中國, 新加坡,及香港