Cow City, Hong Kong
GROUNDWORK is an architecture studio based in Hong Kong.
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Cow City, Hong Kong

We were commissioned by the Friends of Mui Wo Cattles to design an wild life education center that may allow the public to gain more understanding of local wild life in Hong Kong. The center will also be safe haven for stray cattle of Lantau Island. The project was finished with conceptual design phase.

Long time ago, every household who lived in Mui Wo raises cattle for farming. There were around one hundred cattle back then. In 2005, the Hong Kong government captured and slaughtered more than 80 of these stray cattle. In the 2013, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department was accused for handling cattle brutally; they took calf away from the cattle, drag them with rope on neck, even pull off horns from living cattle. After all of these incidents, only 17 cattle in Mui Wo remained. Ever since then, the safety of these cattle had attracted public concerns and the conservation of these animals that are living in Lantau Island, including buffalo and cattle, is being scrutinized.

We would like to design a space where people and the cattle may co-exist and thus providing wild life educations for our children. The cluster of buildings are on slits, thus allowing the building to serve as the shelter for the cattle. The geometries of the structures are irregular; allow these wood huts to blend in with the nature.

GROUNDWORK TEAM Justin Or, Justin ip, Yim Wan Ting, Manfred Yuen, CY Lau
CGI G-Construction (Shenzhen) Ltd.

YEAR 2014

LOCATION Lantau, Hong Kong

CLIENT Friends Of Muiwo Cattles

STAGE Feasibility Study