Extremely Negative, Arquitectum Design Competition, First Prize
GROUNDWORK is an architecture studio based in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong architecture, architect in Hong Kong, architect, architecture, Manfred Yuen, 元新,元新建城,
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Extremely Negative, Arquitectum Design Competition, First Prize

It is a design competition entry for an entertainment center organized by Arquitectum and we been awarded the first prize for our design.

“Extreme pleasures lives from constraints and dies from freedom” Mong Kok is statically the most densely populated place on Earth. The pleasure and entertainment that this density offer is acute and extreme. An inverted Mong Kok might provide, too, extreme joy for people who seeks the alternatives in Hong Kong.

GROUNDWORK TEAM Manfred Yuen, Kevin So
DESIGN TEAM Vincci Mak, Casey Wang, Violette Chen, Chris Zhang, Tracy Qian, Dennis Lui

YEAR 2011

LOCATION Competition


AWARD First Prize